1. Development and validation of the penn state worry questionnaire

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  2. Why do people worry?

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  3. Assessment of worry in children and adolescents: An adaptation of the Penn State Worry Questionnaire

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  4. Worry, worry attacks, and PTSD among Cambodian refugees: A path analysis investigation

    Devon E. Hinton; Angela Nickerson; Richard A. Bryant;
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  5. Why worry? Worry, risk perceptions, and willingness to act to reduce medical errors.

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  6. Preliminary exploration of worry: Some characteristics and processes

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  7. Why worry? The cognitive function of anxiety

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  8. Autonomic characteristics of generalized anxiety disorder and worry

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  9. Cognitive variables related to worry among adolescents: Avoidance strategies and faulty beliefs about worry

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  10. Measuring facets of Worry: A Lisrel analysis of the Worry Domains Questionnaire

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