1. Energy Expenditure during Rest, Traditional Video Game Play, and Interactive Video Game Play in Adolescent Boys

    Charles D. Kemble; Matthew T. Mahar; David A. Rowe; Nicholas P. Murray; Nelson Cooper.;
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  2. Video game play, attention, and learning

    Pedro Cardoso-Leite; Daphne Bavelier;
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  3. Energy Expenditure and Enjoyment during Video Game Play

    Elizabeth J. Lyons; Deborah F. Tate; Dianne S. Ward; J. Michael Bowling; Kurt M. Ribisl; Sriram Kalyararaman;
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  4. Learning from Video Game: A Study of Video Game Play on Problem-Solving

    Xue-Min Zhang; Zijiao Shen; Xin Luo; Chunhui Su; Jiaqi Wang;
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  5. Energy intake during activity enhanced video game play

    Robin R. Mellecker; Lorraine Lanningham-Foster; James A. Levine; Alison M. McManus;
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  6. Sex Differences in Video Game Play:: A Communication-Based Explanation

    K. Lucas;
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  7. Longer you play, the more hostile you feel: examination of first person shooter video games and aggression during video game play

    Christopher P. Barlett; Richard J. Harris; Ross Baldassaro;
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  8. The relationships between the structural video game characteristics, video game engagement and happiness among individuals who play video games

    Derek A. Laffan; John Greaney; Hannah Barton; Linda K. Kaye;
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  9. Video Game Play, Child Diet, and Physical Activity Behavior Change

    Tom Baranowski; Janice Baranowski; Debbe Thompson; Richard Buday; Russ Jago; Melissa Juliano Griffith; Noemi Islam; Nga Nguyen; Kathleen B. Watson;
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  10. Violent video game play impacts facial emotion recognition

    Steven J. Kirsh; Jeffrey R.W. Mounts;
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