1. Dopamine antagonism in a novel-object recognition and a novel-object place conditioning preparation with rats

    Joyce Besheer; Heather C Jensen; Rick A Bevins;
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  2. Object familiarization and novel-object preference in rats

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  3. Allocentric Coding of Object-to-Object Relations in Overlearned and Novel Environments.

    Melinda C. Holmes; M. Jeanne Sholl;
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  4. Object Properties and Object Kind: Twenty-One-Month-Old Infants' Extension of Novel Adjectives

    Sandra R. Waxman; Dana B. Markow;
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  5. Neural Correlates of Novel Object and Novel Location Recognition Behavior in the Mouse Anterior Cingulate Cortex

    A. P. Weible; D. C. Rowland; R. Pang; C. Kentros;
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  6. Responses in Mice To a Novel Object

    René Misslin; Philippe Ropartz;
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  7. Lateral entorhinal cortex is critical for novel object-context recognition

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  8. Histogram of Gabor Phase Patterns (HGPP): A Novel Object Representation Approach for Face Recognition

    Baochang Zhang; Shiguang Shan; Xilin Chen; Wen Gao;
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  9. Transgenic miR132 Alters Neuronal Spine Density and Impairs Novel Object Recognition Memory

    Katelin F. Hansen; Kensuke Sakamoto; Gary A. Wayman; Soren Impey; Karl Obrietan;
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  10. Novel object test: examining nociception and fear in the rainbow trout

    Lynne U Sneddon; Victoria A Braithwaite; Michael J Gentle;
    J PAIN - 被引用次数:98 时间:2003 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
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