1. A Reconsideration of the Self-Compassion Scale’s Total Score: Self-Compassion versus Self-Criticism

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  2. Self-Compassion Increases Self-Improvement Motivation

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  3. Exploring compassion: A meta-analysis of the association between self-compassion and psychopathology

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  4. Self-compassion and adaptive psychological functioning

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  5. Self-compassion: Conceptualizations, correlates, & interventions.

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  6. Self-Compassion in Patients With Persistent Musculoskeletal Pain: Relationship of Self-Compassion to Adjustment to Persistent Pain

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  7. Self-Compassion Versus Global Self-Esteem: Two Different Ways of Relating to Oneself

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  8. Understanding self-compassion in adolescents: Validation study of the Self-Compassion Scale

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  10. Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice

    Christopher K. Germer; Kristin D. Neff;
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