1. Psychic retreats or psychic pits?: Unbearable states of mind and technological addiction.

    Adriano Schimmenti; Vincenzo Caretti;
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  2. The Psychic Distance Paradox

    Shawna O'Grady; Henry W. Lane;
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  3. Beyond Consciousness?: The Psychic Landscape of Social Class

    D. Reay;
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  4. Operationalizing Psychic Distance: A Revised Approach

    Paul A Brewer;
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  5. Developing a multidimensional instrument to measure psychic distance stimuli

    Douglas Dow; Amal Karunaratna;
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  6. Psychic distress and the immune response

    Evelyn S. Tecoma; Leighton Y. Huey;
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  7. Psychic cost of adaptation to an environmental stressor.

    David C. Glass; Jerome E. Singer; Lucy N. Friedman;
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  8. Pure psychic akinesia with bilateral lesions of basal ganglia.

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  9. Cultural Distance and Psychic Distance: Two Peas in a Pod?

    Carlos M.P Sousa; Frank Bradley;
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  10. The psychic costs of intense positive affect.

    Ed Diener; C. Randall Colvin; William G. Pavot; Amanda Allman;
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