1. Target-Oriented and Diversity-Oriented Organic Synthesis in Drug Discovery

    S. L. Schreiber;
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  2. A Planning Strategy for Diversity-Oriented Synthesis

    Martin D. Burke; Stuart L. Schreiber;
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  3. Current strategies for diversity-oriented synthesis

    Sivaraman Dandapani; Lisa A Marcaurelle;
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  4. Recent advances in multicomponent reactions for diversity-oriented synthesis

    James E. Biggs-Houck; Ashkaan Younai; Jared T Shaw;
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  5. Diversity-oriented synthesis: exploring the intersections between chemistry and biology

    Derek S Tan;
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  6. Diversity-oriented synthesis of macrocyclic peptidomimetics

    A. Isidro-Llobet; T. Murillo; P. Bello; A. Cilibrizzi; J. T. Hodgkinson; W. R. J. D. Galloway; A. Bender; M. Welch; D. R. Spring;
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  7. Diversity-oriented synthesis; a spectrum of approaches and results

    Richard J. Spandl; Andreas Bender; David R. Spring;
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  8. Diversity-oriented synthesis: producing chemical tools for dissecting biology

    Cornelius J. O' Connor; Henning S. G. Beckmann; David R. Spring;
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  9. Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Tamoxifen-type Tetrasubstituted Olefins

    Kenichiro Itami; Toshiyuki Kamei; Jun-ichi Yoshida;
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  10. Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Kröhnke Pyridines

    Bo Jiang; Wen-Juan Hao; Xiang Wang; Feng Shi; Shu-Jiang Tu;
    被引用次数:38 时间:2009 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
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