1. The benefits of being present: Mindfulness and its role in psychological well-being.

    Kirk Warren Brown; Richard M. Ryan;
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  2. Subjective well-being.

    Ed Diener;
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  3. Subjective well-being: Three decades of progress.

    Ed Diener; Eunkook M. Suh; Richard E. Lucas; Heidi L. Smith;
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  4. Illusion and well-being: A social psychological perspective on mental health.

    Shelley E. Taylor; Jonathon D. Brown;
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  5. Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development, and well-being.

    Richard M. Ryan; Edward L. Deci;
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  6. The unbearable automaticity of being.

    John A. Bargh; Tanya L. Chartrand;
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  7. The structure of psychological well-being revisited.

    Carol D. Ryff; Corey Lee M. Keyes;
    J PERSONAL SOC PSYCHOL - 被引用次数:1484 时间:1995 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  8. The structure of psychological well-being revisited.

    Carol D. Ryff; Corey Lee M. Keyes;
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  9. On Being Sane in Insane Places

    D. L. Rosenhan;
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  10. Being Concerned With Well-Being and With Learning

    Monique Boekaerts;
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